We can translate our learning from the horse easily into our human social environments of family, friends and work. Horses show similarity to humans in their emotional (limbic) brain and in their need for socialisation. In emotional and social aspects, relating to horses can serve as a model for participants to use in their relationships with others. Horses provide honest and immediate feedback about the person’s underlying emotional state. Horses provide us with a way to see our internal landscape and how we operate in the world. This provides humans the opportunity to learn self-regulation.Through  working and interacting with our herd the opportunity exists to explore current group dynamics within the participating team.

Our interactive workshops are specifically tailored to the clients’ needs, we will explore presenting issues, discuss any barriers to growth and clear a path to maximise results.


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Possible areas of growth and development


  • Relational skills
  • self-regulation
  • communication
  • self-awareness
  • mindfulness

We design a performance solution program consisting of exercises partnering with horse, that give scope to improve performance.

Group Sessions


Equine facilitated human development (EFHD) is an experiential approach that integrates equine-human interaction to provide a learning experience to bring about positive change for an individual or group, personally or professionally. Working with equines provides opportunities to learn critical life skills such as self-awareness, trust, respect and honesty. In addition, participants gain self-esteem and self-confidence while learning how to work with such large and powerful animals, while being challenged to solve problems, communicate clearly, develop social skills and empathy and learn leadership skills.



We are offering group intensive sessions for the autumn term. Check out our events pages for more details! 


Download our full brochure for Equine Faciliatated Learning Programs for Enhancing the Home-Education Experience here: 






We offer unrivalled facilities in a friendly and professional environment. We aim to work outdoors as much as we can due to the nature of our equine team. We have access to 450 acres of fenced paddocks and forest area, as well as various purpose built arena’s, round pens and in-outdoor arenas.




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Professional Equine Facilitated Learning
Professional Equine Facilitated Learning